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Instructor, Stroller Strides and FIT4BABY Certified Pre and PostNatal Fitness Instructor

Jessie Paulson moved to Ridgefield, CT in April 2013 to quickly find that Northern Fairfield County no longer had Stroller Strides. Missing class and being connected to other moms, she seized the moment and decided to re-open the franchise in fall 2013. She has been teaching classes and LOVING every minute of it. The community of motherhood that has begun to take shape in her classes among moms, babies and children is something that she feels only Stroller Strides can provide. Jessie has been working hard to create a safe and special space for moms and their babies in Northern Fairfield County. All expecting and new moms now have a space they can feel comfortable to exercise no matter their fitness level and a safe place for their children to play and learn with the opportunity to connect with other moms.

Most importantly she is a mother to her 20 month old son, Emmett and expecting her second baby in September 2014.

"I found Stroller Strides when my son was 3 months old. Before my son was born I was an avid gym rat and runner, I hated group fitness and team sports. After my first Stroller Strides class I cried to think once again how much my life changed after baby. I wanted to workout but did not want to leave him in daycare while I went to the gym, but also knew I needed to get moving to make myself feel better. I went back for another class, and was HOOKED! I was instantly welcomed into a community of moms who were going through or had gone through what I was. I began to make friends and was quickly attending class 5 days a week. Stroller Strides got me out of my house with a newborn, which we all know can be a challenge within itself, got me back into shape so that I could be prepared for the demanding challenges of motherhood and allowed me to connect with my son each day at class. My fear of group fitness and the word team has changed forever. Stroller Strides is about a safe space where there is no judgment on your fitness level, your babies sleeping habits, or what you are wearing. Our community/tribe/team is one that offers "Strength for Motherhood!"


Stroller Strides and Fit4Baby Certified

Working out and staying fit has always been a huge part of my life. When my first child came along I really felt torn between raising my daughter and working out- until I found Stroller Strides. It allowed me to do something I was passionate about and not have to worry about spending so much time away from my daughter. It also opened up the door to so many great friendships for me and my child.

As a college swimmer and later as a swim coach, I learned the importance of having a team around you to train with. The companionship and motivation is vital to being able to raise the bar to the next level. This was one of the best elements that Stroller Strides has to offer.

As a coach and a mother I seek to help moms to reach their goals in fitness and in life and to meet new friends along the way.

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